Ash at Brandenburg Gate Berlin

Why I Love Travel

Traveling is what makes me happy. The only thing constant in life is change. I LOVE to change. What's incredible is that when you're traveling you can allow yourself to be immersed in the different smells, languages, customs, weather, sounds, and people. It all affects your perspective.

Ash at Badlands South Dakota

For example, music, whenever I move around my taste in music changes. Sometimes without me even noticing. When I'm in CNY I find myself cruising around dirt roads listening to county music, but when I'm in Philly I want to blare G. Love & Special Sauce.

Secondly, the food. Foods I never dreamt of trying. Foods I wasn't sure I had the guts to try. Plenty I didn't like (skip the tripe sausage). Along the way, I've eaten so many delicious meals and found new delicacies I love.

Ash at Riomaggiore Italy

Also, I like a challenge. I enjoy the adventure. The unknown. Figuring it out as I go. Getting incredibly lost and having a good tale to tell about it. Doing so allows me to grow and learn new things, and I learn best in action. Experiences are all we have left at the end, right? I just want to keep broadening my perspective. I'm creating a memory bank of all these experiences in as many places as I can manage.


Ash with Camera in Car Mirror

I love the technicality of cameras and I'm a nerdy-gearhead about my equipment. I like to chase beautiful light depicting the memory in my artistic style; life through Ash's lens. My camera is how I document life as its whizzing by me at the speed of light. Luckily the little electronic box in my hands IS KIND OF MAGIC and can freeze time, light, shadows, and sometimes even emotions too.

Ash jumping near sunflower field